The Language Arts, which include not only English grammar but also Reading, Writing and the study of Literature, are of prime importance at St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick's School. These disciplines are studied both independently as well as in collaborative fashion within other disciplines such as Social Studies and Science and even Math. We regularly practice writing across the curriculum and being able to read for information is also extremely important across the curriculum.

Traditional Literature T-Shirt Book Reports

Mrs. Cunningham, our fourth and fifth grade language arts teacher, requires a book report each month from her students, but each one is unique and special. The latest one was "Traditional Literature T-Shirt Book Reports". The students had a great time creating these and they were very proud of the results!

Fourth Grade Poetry Portfolios

Our students continue to work with a wide variety of technology tools and platforms to produce work and to learn various presentation techniques that allow them to demonstrate what they know.
The fourth graders have been working hard on creating digital Poetry Portfolios. They began in Language Arts class with Mrs. Cunningham studying the different forms of Poetry and then they worked in Computer Lab with Mrs. Yakes to create a portfolio of their own original poetry. They used Microsoft PowerPoint to create the portfolio and then it was transformed into an online digital book with a program called FlipSnack. This allows the kids to share their work with a wider audience. Here is the link to the wikispace that contains all of the finished portfolios:

Eighth Grade Scientist Reports

Digital research, learning how to properly cite sources, writing clearly and being able to deliver a cogent presentation are all part of Language Arts and, in this case, also part of Science class.  Each eighth grade student chose a renowned scientist and researched him or her in order to develop a presentation for the class.
Pictured here are students portraying Irene Joliot-Curie, Ian Donald, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Chien-Shiung Wu.