The Language Arts, which include not only English grammar but also Reading, Writing and the study of Literature, are of prime importance at St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick's School. These disciplines are studied both independently as well as in collaborative fashion within other disciplines such as Social Studies and Science and even Math. We regularly practice writing across the curriculum and being able to read for information is also extremely important across the curriculum.

Comedy Jam

Our sixth and seventh graders performed in a comedy jam at school as part of a unit of study in language arts on happiness and humor. They worked on their public speaking skills. Their classmates in kindergarten through fifth grade enjoyed the show.

Fourth Grade Poets!

The fourth graders have worked very hard to create a portfolio of original poetry. We started this during April, which is Poetry Month.The children first worked with Mrs. Cunningham in Language Arts class and  began with "think sheets" to draft their poetry. Then they worked with Mrs. Yakes in the computer lab to gather and format their poetry into an on-line portfolio using the PowerPoint program and many other tools to help their poetry come alive. Finally, Mrs. Yakes used a program called Flip Snack to transform the portfolios into digital books. 
Part of writing should be sharing it with others. All of the portfolios have been gathered on a website. You can access the site by clicking on this link:
Some of the poems are very poignant and some are quite funny! Enjoy reading the

Fourth Grade Poetry Portfolios!


Spelling Bee 2018

In preparation for the South Cook Regional Spelling Competition, twenty five of the best spellers of St. Alphonsus-St. Patrick School participated in our school spelling bee on Tuesday, January 23. Cheered on by their classmates, the students from grades 4-8 who won their classroom competitions did their best to spell some very challenging words in the all school Spelling Bee! Participants from Grade 4 included Gabrielle, Josie, Blake, Nina and Olivia. The Fifth grade spellers were Nick, Cianna, Jacob, Emily and Claire. From sixth grade, the challengers were Tess, Matthew, Maia, Drea and Max. The seventh grade super spellers included Sophia, Michael, Jackie, Frank and Nick. Eighth grade competitors were Luke, Sam, Ian, Reagan, and Alex.

Every one of these students showed poise and spelling prowess as they stepped up to the microphone to spell a number of very difficult words.

The third place finisher was Luke from the eighth grade.  Sixth grader Tess came in second place after some fast paced rounds with the final bee champion, Alex from grade eight.  Alex was a repeat champion and also competed in the regional competition last year!  He represented our school very well on February 5 through some fast paced spelling and vocabulary rounds and showed impressive poise and preparation throughout the competition.

Drama Club 2017 Presents....Wagon Wheels West: A Musical about the Old West

On December 16, the St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick School Drama Club and Stage Crew, along with Lucky Star Productions, performed a wonderful musical play that transported their audience back to the Old West. The student performers and their director, Mrs. Margie Novotny, along with many helpful parent volunteers and staff representative, Mrs. Terri Riordan, worked for months to hone their thespian skills and musical song and dance routines. Mr. Mike Bruno also worked with the stage crew to create all of the sets and backdrops for the play’s action. All of that hard work culminated in an outstanding performance filled with lively song and dance routines, lots of plot action, and plenty of humorous twists and turns. The play received rave reviews from those in attendance. Everyone enjoyed seeing the play on a real stage thanks to Mount Assisi Academy who allowed us to use their facilities. 

This charming musical drama was hugely successful thanks to the dedicated sponsors, the hardworking student performers, and the many supporting parents and staff members who helped with arranging all of the other necessary components of the play. The entire school community took delight in watching “our kids” work musical magic on stage as the Wagon Wheels West story unfolded.  Everyone, actors and audience alike, look forward to future performances by our drama club members!

Celtics Excel: 2017 Patriot Pen Winners

This year more than 180 students in grades 6-8 entered the Lemont VFW’s Patriot’s Pen youth essay contest. The essay contest encourages young minds to examine America’s history, along with their own experiences in modern American society, by drafting a 300- to 400-word essay, expressing their views based on a patriotic theme chosen by the VFW Commander-in-Chief. The theme this year was “America’s Gift to My Generation”.

This year thirteen winners were announced on Sunday, December 3, 2017. We are proud of our six students who were awarded a certificate and a one hundred dollar cash prize. Congratulations to Luke, Lia, Michael, Sophia, Ryan, and Jackie. Their essays were submitted to be judged in the district competition.

District level awards for the Patriot Pen Essay were recently awarded. Sixth-grader Lia placed 7th overall in the district and won an additional $100. There were over 300 entries from 24 VFW post across the district. They selected 17 essays as winners for the district and Lia was awarded 7th place. Her essay will move on to the next round of judging. 
Patriots Pen District Winner

We Are One Body...Eighth Grade Public Service Announcement Videos

As part of their Language Arts Class with Mrs. Bruno and their Technology Class with Mrs. Yakes, the eighth grade students recently created Public Service Announcement type videos. They did their best to express what our 2017-18 school theme means and showcased how we live the theme, We Are One Body. The students worked together in small cooperative groups on the scripting and taping, but then each student created their own take on the final video presentation. The students are pleased to show off their writing and speaking skills, their videotaping, editing and production skills, AND our wonderful school and the ways that "We Are One Body!" All of the videos are available for viewing on a special website. Click on this link to visit the website.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Biography Projects

The fourth and fifth grade book reports this month have been collaborative journeys between technology classes and English/Language Arts, and have even involved some creative fine arts! The students selected a biography book about someone who has made a difference in the world. All of the students read their books, did digital research in the computer lab, and took notes to facilitate their final projects. The fourth graders created professional looking PowerPoint presentations. On Halloween, the students came in character, and dressed as their famous person. They used their PowerPoint presentation to share all that they had learned about these important historical figures. The fifth graders followed a similar research phase but then composed a script and narrated their report into a video creation program in the computer lab. Their work has been gathered onto a website for sharing to a wider audience. You can access their presentations here: .

Both groups of students also created “Bottle Buddies” fashioned to represent their famous biography subjects. These creations are currently lining the hallway with a few clues so that passersby can try to discern whom each bottle buddy represents.

Fourth Grade Biography Portrayals

Fifth Grade Biography Presentation Work

Traditional Literature T-Shirt Book Reports

Mrs. Cunningham, our fourth and fifth grade language arts teacher, requires a book report each month from her students, but each one is unique and special. The latest one was "Traditional Literature T-Shirt Book Reports". The students had a great time creating these and they were very proud of the results!

Fourth Grade Poetry Portfolios

Our students continue to work with a wide variety of technology tools and platforms to produce work and to learn various presentation techniques that allow them to demonstrate what they know.
The fourth graders have been working hard on creating digital Poetry Portfolios. They began in Language Arts class with Mrs. Cunningham studying the different forms of Poetry and then they worked in Computer Lab with Mrs. Yakes to create a portfolio of their own original poetry. They used Microsoft PowerPoint to create the portfolio and then it was transformed into an online digital book with a program called FlipSnack. This allows the kids to share their work with a wider audience. Here is the link to the wikispace that contains all of the finished portfolios:

Eighth Grade Scientist Reports

Digital research, learning how to properly cite sources, writing clearly and being able to deliver a cogent presentation are all part of Language Arts and, in this case, also part of Science class.  Each eighth grade student chose a renowned scientist and researched him or her in order to develop a presentation for the class.
Pictured here are students portraying Irene Joliot-Curie, Ian Donald, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Chien-Shiung Wu.