The St. Alphonsus / St. Patrick School Advisory Council

The mission of School Advisory Council is to promote and support excellence in the Catholic education of St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick School students.

This Council is an essential group created to focus on the development of the school’s long-range plans. The members will review and advise concerning the school budget and setting tuition rates. Furthermore, they will participate in recruitment and act as a public relations and marketing arm of the school.

Membership on the Council includes members with various areas of expertise, including public relations, finance, development and curriculum. As of now, the School Advisory Council membership will consist of school parent representatives, parishioners, and a representative from the Lemont community. 

The four school parents are Mr. John Egofske and Mrs. Deana Ligda from St. Patrick Church and Mr. Mike Leonard and Mrs. Melissa McGuire from St. Alphonsus Church.  The two parishioners from St. Alphonsus are Mr. Tom Culcasi and Mrs. Rosaline Haubner. Additionally, Mr. Tony Cappetta from the Lemont community will serve on the council. Mrs. Candy Alfonso (school business manager) and Mrs. Shari Wenzel (school marketing) will be non-voting members on the Council. 

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