Joining the Celtic Family

---We moved our daughter from the local public school and she could not be happier. It is a night and day difference. Honestly, we wish we would have enrolled her sooner. The staff is highly committed, caring and responsive to parent concerns. Homework is assigned daily and is actually reviewed and graded by a teacher. Grammar is taught daily. Use of cursive writing is expected. Computers and Spanish are part of the curriculum. There are MANY extracurricular and sports programs including band and choir. Your child will NOT be one of the masses here - rather the opposite. Student achievements are noticed, valued and celebrated by staff. There are no discipline problems in this school. If you are looking for a school with high academic standards and a staff who encourage the development of your child's potential in a controlled and respectful environment consider SASPs. The Catholic education is outstanding as well.
---We moved our son from a local public school to St. Al's/St. Pat's mid-year and it was the best decision we made for him. He was in first grade and struggling. He was stressed and would come home from school and sit in a dark room after school and cry because he couldn’t handle school. Every morning was a fight to get him to school. This was a 6 year old dealing with school induced stress and anxiety. We made a change after winter break and it was like night and day. He was excited to go to school; he was smiling again and was flourishing academically. He went from “considerably below average” academically with talks of him repeating 1st grade to perfectly normal and caught up in half a school year. Beyond that, I have my happy boy back and I owe it all to St. Al’s and St. Pats. This school is top notch with small classes and an amazing staff.

Parents Recommendations

---Amazing school. Teachers, as well as other staff, are very kind, thoughtful. The children love going there. I would highly recommend this school.
---Sending my daughter for kindergarten has been just the most exceptional experience. She is thriving. She has advanced leaps and bounds in just months. She even has art, music, and technology classes every week, too, which can’t help but foster a more well rounded and exposed child! 
---This is such a great school! My daughter is in preschool and is thriving! She has learned so much, and I've seen such a positive change in her behavior and listening skills since starting here. I can't wait to send my second child here next year.
---Our daughter has had a wonderful experience at this school! The small class sizes, the close attention to quality curriculum, and the fantastic teachers have made us love St. Al St. Pats. 
---We joined the St. Al/St. Pat school this year and it has been the best decision we have ever made for our family. The commitment, nurturing, fun learning environment, the Kindergarten and PreK teachers provide inspires our boys every day. The growth we have seen in each of them is immense.