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20W145 Davey Rd (map)
Lemont IL, 60439

630-783-2220 phone
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schooloffice [at] stals-stpats [dot] org

Welcome to St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick School

St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick Catholic School is a direct extension of two Lemont Parishes, following the directive to Teach as Jesus Did.

Our primary mission is to teach the truth about ourselves and our world based upon scripture, Catholic rituals and tradition, and the enfolding understanding of the revelation of God’s spirit, while building the academic skills and knowledge needed in today’s technological world.

Each child is treated with respect, acknowledging his/her uniqueness and importance in God’s eyes. Our school supports and assists parents in their primary responsibility as role models and educational examples for their children.

Archdiocese of Chicago   Archdiocese of Chicago - Office of Catholic Schools

Worlds Finest Chocolate Sale

Starts: 1/31/16 - Pick up your bars at our Open House 

Ends: 2/15/16 - All order forms, collected money and unsold bars should be returned this day

Need more bars, have questions, email us fsa [at] stals-stpats [dot] org (subject: Worlds%20Finest%20Chocolate%20Sale%20Question) !

Upcoming Events


  1. *NO PM BUS*
  2. 11:15am EARLY DISMISSAL
  3. Staff Development pm

Mon, February 15th


Tue, February 16th

  1. *NO BUS*

Fri, February 19th

  1. 8:15am All School Liturgy
  2. Ribbon Mass

Sun, February 21st

  1. 11am St. Al's
  2. Confirmation Rite