Spiritual Development

By making faith a part of the everyday life, your child will come to know and love God. They will in turn desire to serve God through their prayers and acts of kindness toward others. 

Our Core Values



•  We follow the directive To Teach as Jesus Did
•  We embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the truth about ourselves and our world based upon scripture
•  We acknowledge the diversity of others and their beliefs


•  We lead through example and are accountable for our actions
•  We believe and promote our Catholic values
•  We affirm good judgment and trustworthy behavior


•  We communicate honestly, openly, and consistently
•  We build community by cooperating in the classroom and in all co-curricular activities
•  We work together to achieve common goals with all members of our school and parish community


•  Parental involvement is valued as families assist our professional faculty and staff in sound educational          methods throughout our full curriculum. 
•  We nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime
•  We strive for academic growth in all subject areas


•  We prepare students for leadership and service in church and society
•  We celebrate integrity and seek fair choices
•  We honor the St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick Schools’ tradition...