Our focus is getting to know God, especially in the person of Jesus. Through dramatic play, songs, and Scripture stories, children learn about the life of Jesus. Children learn that God is the One who made them and loves them and they are God’s child.  Children learn traditional prayers, but talking to Jesus in their own words is emphasized.

Language Arts/Reading

Children engage in skill based activities that are meant to inspire young learners to use their own creativity and imagination as they learn about letters and sounds.  The children will be involved in hands-on activities that help to develop language skills while encouraging social skills and cooperative learning.  We explore letters and letter sounds through stories, songs, computer games and arts & crafts as well as printing letters and learning words that begin with that sound.  Children learn to recognize letters and sounds and how they correlate to reading words.  Through story time and exploring books together, children learn how to describe the order and events in a story and expand their vocabulary.


Children learn the basic skills of counting through ten.  They will be able to rote count and touch count.  Children will recognize how many are in a set and count with understanding.  Through hands-on activities children are introduced to simple addition, subtraction, greater than/less than and number sequencing.  Using manipulatives and pictures, children learn graphing skills.  Through the use of computers and iPads the children’s math skills are reinforced along with hand/eye coordination. 


Through classroom experiments, children are offered hands on opportunities for observation, exploration, investigation and making predictions. We give children tools to use in their science explorations-magnifying glasses, eyedroppers, measuring cups, magnets and scales. Children learn about changes in the environment and weather by exploring the outdoors.


Children attend weekly computer classes in the elementary computer lab. They will become familiar with using a keyboard and mouse, as well as touch screen technology of the iPad. They will develop an awareness of technology as a tool for finding information, communicating and creating. There is a computer in the classroom which children use to reinforce reading, math and science concepts. 


In our program we involve children in all of the arts. We provide lots of creative art materials---paints, markers, crayons, collage materials, scissors and glue. We also explore the world of music by singing songs every day and inviting children to play instruments and move to music. Through dramatic play children use their imaginations, express themselves and explore role playing.

Physical Education

Physical education for our young learners focus on developmental movement, fair play, enjoyment of physical activity and independence.  Students enjoy physical education 4 days per week.