What we are...

The Family School Association does things for the children in our school, things that are considered "extras" and are not necessary in the academic formation of our children. We also help provide things to the faculty and school that assist in providing a safe environment, and ensure our kids have the tools they need to foster a positive learning experience. It is the Family School Association's belief that these "extras" are the things that bring our school together as a family, the things that our children look forward to as "fun things" -the things that separate us from other schools and create terrific memories!

What we do...

The FSA plans and manages various events and fundraisers throughout the year:
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Family Night
  • Mass Receptions
  • Assemblies
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • The Graduation Banquet
  • Classroom Celebrations
  • School Supply Kits
  • Appreciation Luncheons
  • Family Date Night
  • School Picnics
  • The 7th/8th grade Bowling Party
  • Room Parents

Click our calendar link here to see when these things are happening.

Who we are ...

FSA is made up from 3 areas, the Board, Advisors, and Event Coordinators, all positions are filled by volunteers. This years Board is filled with 5 positions. The Board members attend monthly meetings, set and manage the budget, approve and oversee activities, and makes decisions on how funds will be spent. Advisors make a commitment to attend the monthly meetings, assist with activities and events and bring ideas and recommendations!

Some parents want to and like to help, but just can’t commit for the whole year, so they’ve stepped up to manage a specific event. Event Coordinators are responsible to coordinate volunteers, supplies, and vendors; manage a set budget, advertise, set-up, etc., everything to make the event a HUGE success!

Here is your Board for the 2019-20 school year:
  • Tracey Hunt
  • Brenda Andrist
  • OPEN
  • Aimee Batchelor
    Room Parent Coordinator
  • Amy Betley
    Marketing Coordinator

When we do it...

We meet the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria. Our meetings are open to any parent that wishes to help, has an idea, or just wants to listen and see what we’re planning next! If you can’t make a meeting feel free to read our meeting notes posted below.

How you can help...

Without the generous participation in our fundraisers, and amazing time commitments our school families’ make each year there wouldn’t be a FSA.  Just look at all we do, would you want your kids to miss out on any of it?! The more volunteers, ideas and funds we generate the more memories we can make for our kids … remember that’s who we do this all for!

FSA Documents & Forms